restricted access   Volume 20, Number 1, 2008

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From: Journal of Policy History

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Special Issue: The Constitution and Public Policy in U.S. History

Editors: Julian E. Zelizer, and Bruce J. Schulman


Introduction: The Constitution and Public Policy in U.S. History

pp. 1-5

Idea or Practice: A Brief Historiography of Judicial Review

pp. 6-25

From Blood to Profit: Making Money in the Practice and Imagery of Early America

pp. 26-46

Necessities of State: Police, Sovereignty, and the Constitution

pp. 47-63

Constitutional Revision and the City: The Enforcement Acts and Urban America, 1870–1894

pp. 64-75

"The Least Vaccinated of Any Civilized Country": Personal Liberty and Public Health in the Progressive Era

pp. 76-93

Forging Fiscal Reform: Constitutional Change, Public Policy, and the Creation of Administrative Capacity in Wisconsin, 1880–1920

pp. 94-112

Woodrow Wilson and a World Governed by Evolving Law

pp. 113-125

The South Confronts the Court: The Southern Manifesto of 1956

pp. 126-142

State Constitutionalism and the Death Penalty

pp. 143-156

The Equal Rights Amendment Reconsidered: Politics, Policy, and Social Mobilization in a Democracy

pp. 157-176

Governance and Democracy: Public Policy in Modern America

pp. 177-189



pp. 190-192