free access   Volume 30, Number 4, Fall 2007

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free access   Editors' Note

pp. iii-iv


free access   Against Depression: Final Knowledge in Styron, Mairs, and Solomon

pp. 465-490

free access   Mediating Historical Memory in Asian/American Family Memoirs: K. Connie Kang'S Home Was the Land of Morning Calm and Duong Van Mai Elliott's The Sacred Willow

pp. 491-511

free access   Annual Bibliography of Works About Life Writing, 2006-2007

pp. 512-632


free access   Satan: A Biography (review)

pp. 633-635

free access   Imagining the Sacred Past: Hagiography and Power in Early Normandy (review)

pp. 635-637

free access   Early Modern Autobiography: Theories, Genres, Practices (review)

pp. 637-640

free access   The Captive's Position: Female Narrative, Male Identity, and Royal Authority in Colonial New England (review)

pp. 640-642

free access   Rhetorical Drag: Gender Impersonation, Captivity, and the Writing of History (review)

pp. 642-645

free access   Aspects of Samuel Johnson: Essays on His Arts, Mind, Afterlife, and Politics (review)

pp. 645-649

free access   The Wake of Wellington: Englishness in 1852 (review)

pp. 649-651

free access   Race and Form: Towards a Contextualized Narratology of African American Autobiography (review)

pp. 651-654

free access   Scripted Geographies: Travel Writings by Nineteenth-Century Spanish Authors (review)

pp. 654-658

free access   Virtual Voyages: Cinema and Travel (review)

pp. 658-661

free access   Ecritures du moi et idéologies chez les romancières francophones (review)

pp. 661-663

free access   Remembering and Imagining the Holocaust: The Chain of Memory (review)

pp. 663-666

free access   The Philosopher's I: Autobiography and the Search for the Self (review)

pp. 666-669

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free access   Contributors

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free access   Index: Volume 30, 2007

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