restricted access   Volume 17, Number 2, October 1999

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From: Journal of Modern Greek Studies

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pp. v-vi


Toward a Regional Study of the Origins of the Cold War in Southeastern Europe: British and Soviet Policies in the Balkans, 1945-1949

pp. 209-227

Acheson and the Formulation of the Truman Doctrine

pp. 229-251

Nationalism, Ethnicity and the Concert of Europe: the Case of the High Commissionership of Prince George of Greece in Crete, 1898-1906

pp. 253-276

Small Rural Ownership, Subsistence Agriculture, and Peasant Protest in Interwar Greece: the Agrarian Question Recast

pp. 277-323

Environmental Crisis in Greece and Recent Challenges to Centralized State Authority

pp. 325-352

Concepts of Greekness: The Recorded Music of Anatolian Greeks after 1922

pp. 353-373

Whitman and Elytis: Workings of Minor Literature

pp. 375-401

Theoi and Theodotos: Thematic Collections and Generation of Meaning in Cavafy's Poetry

pp. 403-412

Essay Review

The Jewish Communities of Southeastern Europe: From the Fifteenth Century to the End of World War II, and: Documents on the History of the Greek Jews: Records from the Historical Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and: Italian Diplomatic Documents on the History of the Holocaust in Greece (1941-1943) (review)

pp. 413-418

Book Reviews

Greek Society in the Making, 1863-1913: Realities, Symbols, and Visions (review)

pp. 419-424

The Military in Greek Politics: From Independence to Democracy (review)

pp. 424-426

Opseis tou ellenikou ethnikismou sten Kypro: ideologikes antiparatheseis kai e koinonike kataskeue tes ellenokypriakes tautotetas 1974-1996 (review)

pp. 426-429

Deep Blue, Almost Black (review)

pp. 429-433

Journal of an Unseen April (review)

pp. 433-435