Improving Medical Education and Patient Care Through Community-Academic Health Center Partnerships

pp. 1-2

Geographic Information Systems for the People

pp. 3-4

Community Policy Brief

Community-Based Participatory Action: Impact on a Neighborhood Level Community Health Improvement Process

p. 5

Original Research

Community-Based Participatory Action: Impact on a Neighborhood LevelCommunity Health Improvement Process

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Podcast Interview Transcript

pp. 17-21

Work-In-Progress & Lessons Learned

Community/Campus Partnership: Tailoring Geographic Information Systems for Perinatal Health Planning

pp. 23-29

The Role of Community Resource Assessments in the Development of 15 Adolescent Health Community-Researcher Partnerships

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A Community-Based Participatory Approach to Personalized, Computer-Generated Nutrition Feedback Reports: The Healthy Environments Partnership

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Policy and Practice

The Role of Community‚ÄďAcademic Partnerships: Implications for Medical Education, Research, and Patient Care

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Theory & Methods

Geospatial Approaches for Disease Risk Communication in Marginalized Communities

pp. 61-72

Knowledge Profiling as Emergent Theory in Community-Based Participatory Research

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