restricted access   Volume 47, Number 1, Spring 2008

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From: Asian Perspectives

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Special Issue: Maritime Migration and Colonization in Indo-Pacific Prehistory

Guest Editor: Sue O'Connor and Atholl Anderson

Editors' Corner

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Indo-Pacific Migration and Colonization—Introduction

pp. 2-11

Pacific Seascapes, Canoe Performance, and a Review of Lapita Voyaging with Regard to Theories of Migration

pp. 12-27

Examining Prehistoric Migration Patterns in the Palauan Archipelago: A Computer Simulated Analysis of Drift Voyaging

pp. 28-44

Edge-Ground and Waisted Axes in the Western Pacific Islands: Implications for an Example from the Yaeyama Islands, Southernmost Japan

pp. 45-58

The Pigs of Island Southeast Asia and the Pacific: New Evidence for Taxonomic Status and Human-Mediated Dispersal

pp. 59-74

Pacific Bananas: Complex Origins, Multiple Dispersals?

pp. 75-94

Northern Vanuatu as a Pacific Crossroads: The Archaeology of Discovery, Interaction, and the Emergence of the "Ethnographic Present"

pp. 95-120

Ongoing Archaeological Research on Fais Island, Micronesia

pp. 121-138

The Changing Role of Irrigated Colocasia esculenta (taro) on Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands: From an Essential Element of Colonization to an Important Risk-Reduction Strategy

pp. 139-155

Excavations in Peva Valley, Rurutu, Austral Islands (East Polynesia)

pp. 156-187