Volume 43, Number 1, 2008

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From: Latin American Research Review

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Editor's Foreword: LARR’s New Relationship with LASA

pp. 3-5


La primera mujer presidenta de Chile: ¿Qué explicó el triunfo de Michelle Bachelet en las elecciones de 2005–2006?

pp. 7-32

Localizing and Globalizing Processes in Brazilian Catholicism: Comparing Inculturation in Liberationist and Charismatic Catholic Cultures

pp. 33-54

Macroeconomic Deeds, Not Reform Words: The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America

pp. 55-83

Integracíon monetaria y financiera en América del Sur y en Asia

pp. 84-112

Vivir (en) la Ciudad de México: Espacio vivido e imaginarios espaciales de un grupo de migrantes de alta calificación

pp. 113-138

Gendered Selectivity: U.S. Mexican Immigrants and Mexican Nonmigrants, 1960–2000

pp. 139-160

The Organic Agro-Export Boom in the Dominican Republic: Maintaining Tradition or Fostering Transformation?

pp. 161-184

Research Reports and Notes

China Matters: China’s Economic Impact in Latin America

pp. 185-200

Review Essays

Frontier Theory as an Explanatory Tool for Brazilian History: A Viable Construct?

pp. 201-207

Gilberto Freyre: The Reassessment Continues

pp. 208-218

Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Contemporary Brazil

pp. 219-224

Latin Americans at Home Abroad

pp. 225-234

Understanding Past and Present Changes in Latin American Cities

pp. 235-244

The Third Wave of Democracy: Findings and Implications

pp. 245-254

Of Time and Space in Mexico, Native and Colonial

pp. 255-265


Notes on the Contributors

pp. 270-273