restricted access   Volume 28, Number 1, Winter-Spring 2008

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From: SAIS Review of International Affairs

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Special Issue: Spies


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Background on Intelligence

From Revolution to Reform: A Brief History of U.S. Intelligence

pp. 5-24

Intelligence Policies

Predictive Intelligence: Policy Support or Spectator Sport?

pp. 25-35

Intelligence and the War on Terror: How Dirty Are We Willing to Get Our Hands?

pp. 37-45

Of Note: Extraordinary Rendition and Transatlantic Intelligence Cooperation

pp. 47-49

Of Note: The T-Word: "Enhanced" Interrogation in the Fight against International Terrorism

pp. 51-53

Practice of Intelligence

Hiding in Plain Sight: Denial, Deception, and the Non-State Actor

pp. 55-63

The Role of Intelligence in Policy Making

pp. 65-73

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace: A Methodology for Homeland Security Intelligence Analysis

pp. 75-87

Of Note: Mirror-Imaging and Its Dangers

pp. 89-90

Of Note: To Deny and Deceive: The Limits of Counterdeception—an Addendum

pp. 91-92

Intelligence Reform

Ostriches, Cheerleaders, Skeptics, and Guardians: Role Selection by Congressional Intelligence Overseers

pp. 93-108

The Fault, dear Brutus, is not in individuals, but in our system: CIA's Inspector General Seeks To Find Individuals Accountable for 9/11 and Misses an Opportunity for Effective Intelligence Reform

pp. 109-137

Of Note: Intelligent Reform?

pp. 139-140

Of Note: Is There Room in the Intelligence Community for HSINT?

pp. 141-143

Expert Views on Intelligence

A Presidential Candidate's View: Intelligence for the 21st Century

pp. 145-146

A Journalist's View: The New Spies

pp. 147-156

View from the Top: Interview: John O. Brennan

pp. 157-158

View from the Ground: Interview: Intelligence Operations

pp. 159-160

SAIS Review Contest Winners

Cross-Border Chaos: A Critique of India's Attempts to Secure its Northeast Tribal Areas Through Cooperation with Myanmar

pp. 161-171

Photo Essay: A Burmese Holiday

pp. 173-181

Ending the Targeting Drill

pp. 183-186

Book Reviews

The Eighteenth-Century Hockey Stick

pp. 187-189

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Diplomats

pp. 191-193

A Review of Recent Intelligence Literature

pp. 195-198