restricted access   Volume 14, Number 1, March 2007

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From: Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology

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Feature Article

Traumatic Blocking and Brandom's Oversight

pp. 1-12


Agency, Ontology, and Epistemic Justification: A Response to Freedman

pp. 13-17

Uncertain Knowledge

pp. 19-22

Knowing Without Reasons

pp. 23-24


Knowledge Without Citable Reasons

pp. 25-28

Feature Article

Clarifying "Familiarity": Examining Differences in the Phenomenal Experiences of Patients Suffering From Prosopagnosia and Capgras Delusion

pp. 29-37


If You Did Not Care, You Would Not Notice: Recognition and Estrangement in Psychopathology

pp. 39-42

What Is a Feeling of Unfamiliarity?

pp. 43-49


In Defense of Estrangement

pp. 51-56

Feature Article

Pluralism in Psychiatry: Karl Jaspers on Science

pp. 57-66


Jaspers' Methodological Pluralism and Its Exclusion of Philosophy

pp. 67-70

Jaspers and Popper: Two Flawed But Illuminating Philosophers for Contemporary Pluralistic Psychiatry

pp. 71-73

Jaspers on the Intersection of Philosophy and Psychiatry

pp. 75-78


If Jaspers Played Billiards

pp. 79-82


About the Authors

pp. 83-84

Concurrent Contents

Concurrent Contents: Recent and Classic References at the Interface of Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology

pp. 85-87

International News and Nots

International News and Notes

pp. 89-92