restricted access   Number 14, Fall 5768/2007

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From: Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues

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Special Issue: Women in the Visual Arts

Guest Editor: Judith Margolis


pp. 5-8

Meredith Monk: Between Time and Timelessness in Book of Days

pp. 9-29

Meetings of Past and Present: The Installations of Multimedia Artists Hana Iverson and Melissa Shiff

pp. 30-62

Censorship, Politics and Sexual Imagery in the Work of Jewish-American Feminist Artists

pp. 63-96

Torah Study, Feminism and Spiritual Quest in the Work of Five American Jewish Women Artists

pp. 97-130

Marc Chagall's 1909 Portraits of Women

pp. 131-159

Contradictions About to Break Loose: Radical Ambivalence in the Work of Annette Kleinfeld Lissaüer

pp. 160-172

Finding Home: The Midrashic Art of Siona Benjamin

pp. 173-178

The Antea Gallery, Kol Ha-Isha, Jerusalem

pp. 179-183

The Woman Who Rises Early

p. 184

Ethnography of Exclusion: Initiating a Dialogue with Fundamentalist Men

pp. 185-208

Feminist Jewish Philosophy: A Response

pp. 209-232

Midreshei Bitya bat Par'oh; Vayehi beḥatzi halaylah = Midrashim of Bitya, the Daughter of Pharaoh: A Study Companion for the Seder Night; "In the Middle of the Night": Additional Stanzas on Women, and: Simḥas Torah Lied leRivkah Tiktiner = Rebecca Tiktiner's Simhat Torah Poem (review)

pp. 233-241

Social Epidemiology: Strategies for Public Health Activism (review)

pp. 242-243

Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia (review)

pp. 244-251

Contributors to This Issue

pp. 253-255