restricted access   51(2/3) July-Nov/juil.-nov. 2006

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From: The Canadian Journal of Linguistics / La revue canadienne de linguistique

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Special Issue: Canadian English in a Global Context

Guest Editor: Peter Avery, J.K. Chambers, Alexandra D'Arcy, Elaine Gold, and Keren Rice.


pp. 99-104

Sounds Canadian

Canadian Raising Retrospect and Prospect

pp. 105-118

Canadian Raising, Opacity, and Rephonemicization

pp. 119-126

Vowel Production in Winnipeg

pp. 127-141

Investigating St. John's English: Real- and Apparent-time Perspectives

pp. 143-160

Dialect Topography

Linguistic Resistance on the Maine-New Brunswick Border

pp. 161-175

Beyond the Isogloss: Isographs in Dialect Topography

pp. 177-184

French-English Contact

An English ''like no other''?: Language Contact and Change in Quebec

pp. 185-213

Canadian English in a Francophone Family

pp. 215-224

Linguistic Identity

Nooz or nyooz?: The Complex Construction of Canadian Identity

pp. 225-246

Eh? and Hein?: Discourse Particles or National Icons?

pp. 247-263

Language Change

Dialect Mixture versus Monogenesis in Colonial Varieties: The Inevitability of Canadian English?

pp. 265-286

The Modal Auxiliaries have to and must in the Corpus of Early Ontario English: Gradient Change and Colonial Lag

pp. 287-308

''So cool, right?'': Canadian English Entering the 21st Century

pp. 309-331


Thanks to Reviewers / Remerciements aux évaluateurs

p. 347