restricted access   Volume 46, Number 3, Fall 2000

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From: MFS Modern Fiction Studies

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Introduction: Toward a History of Gothic and Modernism: Dark Modernity from Bram Stoker to Samuel Beckett

pp. 585-605


I. The 1890's

Oscar Wilde's Aesthetic Gothic: Walter Pater, Dark Enlightenment, and The Picture of Dorian Gray

pp. 609-631

"Double Born": Bram Stoker and the Metrocolonial Gothic

pp. 632-645

Oxford's Ghosts: Jude the Obscure and the End of Gothic

pp. 646-671

II. Gothic Popular Forms

Race, Labor, and the Gothic Western: Dispelling Frontier Myths in Dorothy Scarborough's The Wind

pp. 675-694

"I'm in the Business Too": Gothic Chivalry, Private Eyes, and Proxy Sex and Violence in Chandler's The Big Sleep

pp. 695-724

Parodied to Death: The Postmodern Gothic of American Psycho

pp. 725-746

III. The Gothic and Language

Reading Rooms: M.R. James and the Library of Modernity

pp. 749-771

"No More Than Ghosts Make": The Hauntology and Gothic Minimalism of Beckett's Late Work

pp. 772-785

Review Essay

The Horror, The Horror: Recent Studies in Gothic Fiction

pp. 789-799


pp. 800-801