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From: Journal of the History of Philosophy

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The "Thinking of Thinking" in Metaphysics Λ.9

pp. 543-562

Leibniz and Clarke on Miracles

pp. 563-591

Hume's Natural History : Religion and "Explanation"

pp. 593-611

Kant's Analytic Judgments and the Traditional Theory of Concepts

pp. 613-641

Schopenhauer's Pessimism and the Unconditioned Good

pp. 643-660

Book Reviews

From Dilthey to Mead and Heidegger: Systematic and Historical Relations

pp. 661-667

Form and Good in Plato's Eleatic Dialogues: The "'Parmenides," "Theaetetus," "Sophist," and "Statesman" (review)

pp. 679-680

Aristotle's "Rhetoric": Philosophical Essays (review)

pp. 680-683

Papers in Hellenistic Philosophy (review)

pp. 683-684

Nuptial Arithmetic: Marsilio Ficino's Commentary on the Fatal Number in Book VIII of Plato's Republic (review)

pp. 684-686

The Correspondence of Thomas Hobbes (review)

pp. 686-688

Gambling on God: Essays on Pascal's Wager (review)

pp. 688-689

De Summa Rerum: Metaphysical Papers, 1675-76 (review)

pp. 689-691

Kant und sein Jahrhundert: Gedenkschrift für Giorgio Tonelli (review)

pp. 691-693

Fichte's "Wissenschaftslehre" of 1794: A Commentary on Part I (review)

pp. 693-695

The Other Nietzsche (review)

pp. 695-697

An Introduction to Bradley's Metaphysics, and: James and Bradley: American Truth and British Reality (review)

pp. 697-699

Origins of Analytical Philosophy (review)

pp. 699-700

Heidegger and Jaspers, and: Karl Jaspers: Philosopher among Philosophers/Philosoph unter Philosophen (review)

pp. 700-702

Wittgenstein: A Religious Point of View? (review)

pp. 702-703

A Journey into the Philosophy of Alain Locke (review)

pp. 703-705

Books Received

Books Received

pp. 705-711

Editorial Consultants

Editorial Consultants

pp. 712-715


Contents for Volume XXXII

pp. 716-719