restricted access   Volume 45, Number 1, Spring 1999

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From: MFS Modern Fiction Studies

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Special Issue: Native American Literature

Guest Editor: Nancy J. Peterson

Introduction: Native American Literature: From the Margins to the Mainstream

pp. 1-9

I. Beyond Borders: Contemporary Native Texts

Silko's Arroyos as Mainstream: Processes and Implications of Canonical Identity

pp. 10-37

House Made of Dawn: A Positively Ambivalent Bildungsroman

pp. 38-68

An Ear for the Story, An Eye for the Pattern: Rereading Ceremony

pp. 69-92

Intertextual Twins and Their Relations: Linda Hogan's Mean Spirit and Solar Storms

pp. 93-113

II. Crossing Cultures

Give Me Land Lots of Land

pp. 114-119

From "Half-Blood" to "Mixedblood": Cogewea and the "Discourse of Indian Blood"

pp. 120-145

Native Poetics

pp. 146-184

III. Trickster Narratives

Fragments That Rune Up the Shores: Pushing the Bear, Coyote Aesthetics, and Recovered History

pp. 185-211

"And Here's How It Happened": Trickster Discourse in Thomas King's Green Grass, Running Water

pp. 212-234

Paving With Good Intentions

pp. 235-272


pp. 273-274