restricted access   Volume 44, Number 3, Fall 1998

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From: MFS Modern Fiction Studies

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Special Issue: Modernisms and Modern Wars

Guest Editor: Margot Norris

Introduction: Modernisms and Modern Wars

pp. 505-509

I. The Home Front

"Blown to Bits!": Katherine Mansfield's "The Garden-Party" and the Great War

pp. 513-539

The "Still-Born Generation": Decadence and the Great War in H.D.'s Fiction

pp. 540-567

"Even Cake Gets to Have Another Meaning": History, Narrative, and "Daily Living" in Gertrude Stein's World War II Writings

pp. 568-607

Gertrude Stein's "Lifting Belly" and the Great War

pp. 608-618

"So I, Who Had Never Had A War...": William Faulkner, War, and the Modern Imagination

pp. 619-645

II. Trauma

Trauma and Recovery in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway

pp. 649-673

Open to Suggestion: Hypnosis and History in Pat Barker's Regeneration

pp. 674-694

"Excremental Assault" in Tim O'Brien: Trauma and Recovery in Vietnam War Literature

pp. 695-711

III. Ethics

"Infinities of Absolution": Reason, Rumor, and Duty in Joseph Conrad's "The Tale"

pp. 715-729

Modernism and Vietnam: Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now

pp. 730-766

"Do You Remember Tomorrow?": Modernism and Its Second War in Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano

pp. 767-791

"Camp Follower of Catastrophe": Martha Gellhorn's World War II Challenge to the Modernist War

pp. 792-812

Review Essay

"Adversary proceedings": recent books on war and modernism

pp. 813-833


pp. 834-835