restricted access   Volume 43, Number 3, Fall 1997

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From: MFS Modern Fiction Studies

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Special Issue: Technocriticism and Hypernarrative

Guest Editor: N. Katherine Hayles

Situating Narrative in an Ecology of New Media

pp. 573-576

I. Changing Narratives in Electronic Hypertexts

Nonce Upon Some Times: Rereading Hypertext Fiction

pp. 579-597

The Edge of Difference: Negotiations Between the Hypertextual and the Postcolonial

pp. 598-630

Eve's Apple, or Women's Narrative Bytes

pp. 631-650

Pushing Back: Living and Writing in Broken Space

pp. 651-674

II. Changing Narratives in/about Virtual Reality

Interactive Drama: Narrativity in a Highly Interactive Environment

pp. 677-707

"Trapped by the Body"? Telepresence Technologies and Transgendered Performance in Feminist and Lesbian Rewritings of Cyberpunk Fiction

pp. 708-742

III. Changing Narratives in Print

Solitary Inventions: David Markson at the End of the Line

pp. 745-772

Falling into Theory: Simulation, Terraformation, and Eco-Economics in Kim Stanley Robinson's Martian Trilogy

pp. 773-799

Corporeal Anxiety in Dictionary of the Khazars: What Books Talk About in the Late Age of Print When They Talk About Losing Their Bodies

pp. 800-820


pp. 821-822