restricted access   Volume 42, Number 3, Fall 1996

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From: MFS Modern Fiction Studies

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Special Issue: Gertrude Stein


Introduction: Transformations of Gertrude Stein

pp. 469-483

Stein's Identity

pp. 485-488

Gertrude Stein's Jewishness, Jewish Social Scientists, and the "Jewish Question"

pp. 489-506

"We Are Americans": Gertrude, Brewsie and Willie

pp. 508-527

"A Little Body with a Very Large Head": Composition, Psychopathology, and the Making of Stein's Normal Self

pp. 529-546

Sapphic Primitivism in Gertrude Stein's Q.E.D.

pp. 547-568

"Cousin to Cooning": Relation, Difference, and Racialized Language in Stein's Nonrepresentational Texts

pp. 569-588

Narratologies of Pleasure: Gertrude Stein's The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

pp. 590-606

Gertrude Stein and her Thoroughly Modern Protege

pp. 607-625

Desultory Correspondence: An Interview with Paul Bowles on Gertrude Stein

pp. 627-645

Gertrude Stein: A Selected Bibliography

pp. 661-680

Review Essay

Stein and cultural criticism in the nineties

pp. 647-659


p. 681

Virtual Gallery: Photographs of Gertrude Stein