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A Lasting Provocation

pp. 2-3

TDR Comment

Is Performance Studies Imperialist? Part 3: A Forum

pp. 7-23


Performing Visibility: Freaknic and the Spatial Politics of Sexuality, Race, and Class in Atlanta

pp. 24-46

From a Transient to a Resident: The Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre, 2001–2004

pp. 47-67

Performing in Ambient Narratives: Supporting Everyday Life Performances with Technology

pp. 68-79

The Wheelchair's Rhetoric: The Performance of Disability

pp. 80-88

Playback Theatre: Inciting Dialogue and Building Community through Personal Story

pp. 89-105

Playback Theatre in Cuba: The Politics of Improvisation and Free Expression

pp. 106-120

The Spatiotemporal Dialectic of Estrangement

pp. 121-132

Notes on the German Theatre Crisis

pp. 133-155

Critical Acts

Reappropriating the iconography of “America” as portrayed in Melville’s Moby-Dick, the New York–based Radiohole offers in Fluke what Steve Luber dubs a hyperreal performance. The hyperreal is also what happened to Sara Brady when she rode through Dublin with the international trio Rimini Protokoll as they reimagined the journey as a trek from Bulgaria to Ireland. The last Critical Act takes place in Tangier where Khalid Amine found Zoubeir Ben Bouchta’s Lalla J’mila a negotiation of the terrains of law, gender, and “place-specific” theatre.

Dicking Around with Radiohole: Toward Hyperreal Performance and Criticism

pp. 156-162

Cargo Sofia: A Bulgarian Truck Ride through Dublin

pp. 162-167

Performing Gender on the Tremulous Moroccan Body: Zoubeir Ben Bouchta's Lalla J'mila

pp. 167-173


Avant-Garde Performance and the Limits of Criticism, and: Not the Other Avant-Garde: The Transnational Foundations of Avant-Garde Performance (review)

pp. 174-176

Upstaged: Making Theatre in the Media Age (review)

pp. 177-178

Ghosts: Death's Double and the Phenomena of Theatre, and: Ghosts of Theatre and Cinema in the Brain (review)

pp. 178-180

A Critical Stage: The Role of Secular Alternative Theatre in Pakistan, and: Poetics, Plays, and Performances: The Politics of Modern Indian Theatre, and: Theatres of Independence: Drama, Theory, and Urban Performance in India Since 1947 (review)

pp. 181-184


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