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From: College Literature

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Exhausting Ennui: Bellow, Dostoevsky, and the Literature of Boredom

pp. 1-15

Through the Looking Glass: Reflexivity, Reciprocality, and Defenestration in Hitchcock's Rear Window

pp. 16-37

William S. Burroughs and the Maya Gods of Death: The Uses of Archaeology

pp. 38-57

Melville and Balzac: The Man in Cream-Colors

pp. 58-81

John Steinbeck's Sweetheart: The Cosmic American Bus

pp. 82-99

Economic Hauntings: Wealth and Class in Edith Wharton's Ghost Stories

pp. 100-127

A.S. Byatt's "Morpho Eugenia": Prolegomena to Any Future Theory

pp. 128-147

How Do Stories Convince Us? Notes Towards A Rhetoric of Narrative

pp. 148-173

Review Essays

The Trauma of Empire in Shakespeare and Early Modern Culture

pp. 175-197

Recalling Empire: Anglo-American Conceptions of Imperialism and the Decline of the Nation-State

pp. 198-208


Books Received July 16, 2007 to October 15, 2007

pp. 210-212

College Literature Referees 2005-2007

pp. 213-216