restricted access   Volume 26, Number 1, Spring 2007

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From: Literature and Medicine

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Special Issue: Genomics in Literature, Visual Arts, and Culture

Editors' Preface: Genomics in Literature, Visual Arts, and Culture

pp. vi-xvi

The Poetics of Life: Luther Burbank, Horticultural Novelties, and the Spaces of Heredity

pp. 1-24

Flora, Not Fauna: GM Culture and Agriculture

pp. 25-54

Open-Ended Stories: Extinction Narratives in Genome Time

pp. 55-82

The Devil in Our DNA: A Brief History of Eugenics in Science Fiction Films

pp. 83-108

The Big Bad Wolf: Masculinity and Genetics in Popular Culture

pp. 109-125

Sacrifice, Individuation, and the Economies of Genomics

pp. 126-158

Artistic Simulacra in the Age of Recombinant Bodies

pp. 159-179

Culturing the Pleebland: The Idea of the "Public" In Genetic Art

pp. 180-206

Racial Aura: Walter Benjamin and the Work of Art in a Biotechnological Age

pp. 207-239

How Culture and Science Make Race "Genetic": Motives and Strategies for Discrete Categorization of the Continuous and Heterogeneous

pp. 240-268

Editor's Afterword: Private Bodies/Public Texts: Literature, Science, and States of Surveillance

pp. 269-276


pp. 277-279