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Patrician Sages and the Humanist Cynic: Francesco Filelfo and the Ethics of World Citizenship

pp. 1107-1169

"If I could write": Margherita Datini and Letter Writing, 1385–1410

pp. 1170-1206

Music as Erotic Magic in a Renaissance Romance

pp. 1207-1256

Marking Time: Astrology, Almanacs, and English Protestantism

pp. 1257-1290


The European Renaissance in American Life (review)

pp. 1291-1292

Sociology, Religion and Grace: A Quest for the Renaissance (review)

pp. 1292-1293

What Was History? The Art of History in Early Modern Europe (review)

pp. 1293-1295

La "riscoperta" di Guicciardini: Atti del Convegno internazionale di studi Torino 14–15 novembre 1997 (review)

pp. 1295-1296

Popular Government and Oligarchy in Renaissance Italy, and: Lettere, 1487–1488 (review)

pp. 1296-1299

Spain in Italy: Politics, Society, and Religion 1500–1700 (review)

pp. 1299-1300

Spirituality, Gender, and the Self in Renaissance Italy: Angela Merici and the Company of St. Ursula (1474–1540) (review)

pp. 1301-1302

Il De aspiratione di Giovanni Pontano e la cultura del suo tempo: Con un' Antologia di brani scelti dal De aspiratione in edizione critica corredata di introduzione, traduzione e commento, and: Uno studente alla scuola del pontano a Napoli: Le Recollecte del MS. 1368 (T.5.5) della Biblioteca Angelica di Roma (review)

pp. 1302-1304

La biblioteca del Cardinal Pietro Bembo (review)

pp. 1304-1307

Dante and the Franciscans (review)

pp. 1307-1309

Dante elegiaco: Una chiave de lettura per la Vita nova (review)

pp. 1309-1310

La presenza di Dionigi Areopagita nel Paradiso di Dante (review)

pp. 1310-1312

L'amoroso messer Giusto da Valmontone: Un protagonista della lirica italiana del XV secolo (review)

pp. 1312-1313

Orlando furioso: secondo la princeps del 1516 (review)

pp. 1313-1315

Nuovi canti carnascialeschi di Firenze: Le "canzone" e mascherate di Alfonso de' Pazzi (review)

pp. 1315-1317

Ex marmore: Pasquini, pasquinisti, pasquinate nell'Europa moderna (review)

pp. 1317-1318

An Earthly Paradise: The Medici, Their Collection and the Foundations of Modern Art (review)

pp. 1318-1319

Interpreting the Renaissance: Princes, Cities, Architects (review)

pp. 1320-1321

Architettura e committenza da Alberti a Bramante (review)

pp. 1321-1323

Bildnisse des Begehrens: Das lyrische Männerportrait in der venezianischen Malerei des frühen 16. Jahrhunderts -\- Giorgione, Tizian und ihr Umkreis (review)

pp. 1323-1324

Tintoretto (review)

pp. 1324-1326

Der Kaiser im "giardino dell'impero": Zur Rezeption Karls V. in italienischen Bildprogrammen des 16. Jahrhunderts (review)

p. 1326

The Medici State and the Ghetto of Florence: The Construction of an Early Modern Jewish Community (review)

pp. 1327-1328

Mikve Israel (review)

pp. 1329-1330

History of a Tragedy: The Expulsion of the Jews from Spain (review)

pp. 1330-1332

"Lazy, Improvident People": Myth and Reality in the Writing of Spanish History (review)

pp. 1332-1333

Family and Community in Early Modern Spain: The Citizens of Granada, 1570–1739 (review)

pp. 1334-1335

De officio martiti: Introduction, Critical Edition, Translation and Notes (review)

pp. 1335-1337

Medieval and Renaissance Spain and Portugal: Studies in Honor of Arthur L-F. Askins (review)

pp. 1337-1339

The Literature of Jealousy in the Age of Cervantes (review)

pp. 1339-1340

Radical Theatricality: Jongleuresque Performance on the Early Spanish Stage (review)

pp. 1340-1342

Les ducs de Nevers et l'état royal: Genèse d'un compromis (ca 1550–ca 1600) (review)

pp. 1342-1344

Strange Revelations: Magic, Poison, and Sacrilege in Louis XIV's France (review)

pp. 1344-1346

Savonarola in Francia: Circolazione di un'eredità politico-religiosa nell'Europa del Cinquecento (review)

pp. 1346-1347

Mémoires (review)

pp. 1348-1350

Théologies poétiques de l'âge baroque: La Muse chrétienne (1570-1630) (review)

pp. 1350-1352

Rymes (1545), and: Rymes (review)

pp. 1352-1353

Before Imagination: Embodied Thought from Montaigne to Rousseau (review)

pp. 1353-1355

Montaigne politique (review)

pp. 1355-1356

Les Serées (1584–1597–1598) du librarie-imprimeur Guillaume Bouchet (1514–1594) (review)

pp. 1356-1358

Jean Dorat: Poète humaniste de la renaissance (review)

pp. 1358-1359

La droite imposition des noms (De recta nominum impositione) (review)

pp. 1360-1361

Autour de L' Histoire Universelle d'Agrippa d'Aubigné: Mélanges à la mémoire d'André Thierry (review)

pp. 1361-1363

Histoire de Sébastien le Pelletier: Prêtre liguer et Maître de grammaire des enfants de choeur de la cathédrale de Chartes pendant les guerres de la Ligue (1579–1592) (review)

pp. 1363-1364

Wonderful Blood: Theology and Practice in Late Medieval Northern Germany and Beyond (review)

pp. 1364-1366

Preachers by Night: The Waldensian Barbes (15th–16th Centuries) (review)

pp. 1366-1367

Verantwortlich und frei: Studien zu Zwingli und Calvin, zum Pfarrerbild und zur Israeltheologie der Reformation (review)

pp. 1367-1369

Abraham sacrifiant: Tragedie Françoise (review)

p. 1369

L' Imago primi saeculi (1640) e il signicato dell'immagine allegorica nella Compagnia di Gesù: Genesi e fortuna del libro (review)

pp. 1370-1372

Journey to the East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579–1724 (review)

pp. 1372-1373

Puritan Conquistadors: Iberianizing the Atlantic, 1500–1700 (review)

pp. 1374-1375

Visions of a Savage Paradise: Albert Eckhout, Court Painter in Colonial Dutch Brazil (review)

pp. 1376-1377

Trade in Good Taste: Relations in Architecture and Culture between the Dutch Republic and the Baltic World in the Seventeenth Century (review)

pp. 1377-1379

Rembrandt and the Female Nude (review)

pp. 1379-1380

Flemish Manuscript Painting in Context: Recent Research (review)

pp. 1380-1382

The Image in Print: Book Illustration in Late Medieval England and Its Sources (review)

pp. 1382-1383

Carved Splendor: Late Gothic Altarpieces in Southern Germany, Austria, and South Tirol (review)

pp. 1384-1385

Il giardino islamico (review)

pp. 1386-1387

The Beholder: The Experience of Art in Early Modern Europe (review)

pp. 1387-1389

Making Renaissance Art (review)

pp. 1389-1391

European Music 1520–1640 (review)

pp. 1391-1392

An Introduction to the Post-Tridentine Mass Proper (review)

pp. 1392-1394

Music in Seventeenth-Century Naples: Francesco Provenzale (1624–1704) (review)

pp. 1394-1395

Crossing Confessional Boundaries: The Patronage of Italian Sacred Music in Seventeenth-Century Dresden (review)

pp. 1395-1397

"Noyses, sounds, and sweet aires": Music in Early Modern England (review)

pp. 1397-1399

Teaching Other Voices: Women and Religion in Early Modern Europe (review)

pp. 1399-1401

Structures and Subjectivities: Attending to Early Modern Women (review)

pp. 1401-1402

Sibling Relations and Gender in the Early Modern World: Sisters, Brothers and Others (review)

pp. 1402-1404

On the Inconstancy of Witches: Pierre de Lancre's Tableau de l'inconstance des mauvais anges et demons (1612) (review)

pp. 1405-1406

Generating Bodies and Gendered Selves: The Rhetoric of Reproduction in Early Modern England (review)

pp. 1406-1407

Medical Charlatanism in Early Modern Italy (review)

pp. 1408-1409

Angels in the Early Modern World (review)

pp. 1409-1411

Heterodoxy in Early Modern Science and Religion (review)

pp. 1411-1412

Galileo Observed: Science and the Politics of Belief (review)

pp. 1413-1414

Nature, Empire, and Nation: Explorations of the History of Science in the Iberian World (review)

pp. 1414-1416

Widmung, Welterklärung und Wissenschaftslegitimierung: Titelbilder und ihre Funktionen in der Wissenschaftlichen Revolution (review)

pp. 1416-1417

Fra Mauro's Map of the World (review)

pp. 1417-1418

Liber de ludo aleae (review)

pp. 1419-1420

Verità matematiche e forme della natura da Galileo a Newton (review)

pp. 1420-1422

The Cambridge Companion to Early Modern Philosophy (review)

pp. 1422-1424

Becoming God: The Doctrine of Theosis in Nicholas Cusa (review)

pp. 1424-1425

Descartes's Theory of Action, and: Descartes and the Passionate Mind (review)

pp. 1426-1428

Spinoza to the Letter: Studies in Words, Texts and Books (review)

pp. 1428-1429

Locke: A Biography (review)

pp. 1429-1431

De bonne vie s'ensuit bonne mort: Récits de mort, récits de vie en Europe (XVe–XVIIe siècle) (review)

pp. 1431-1432

Loving in Verse: Poetic Influence as Erotic (review)

pp. 1432-1434

L'Italie et la France dans l'Europe latine du XIVe au XVIIe siècle: Influence, émulation, traduction (review)

pp. 1434-1435

Cultural Capitals: Early Modern London and Paris (review)

pp. 1435-1437

Theater of a City: The Places of London Comedy, 1598–1642 (review)

pp. 1437-1438

The Figure of the Crowd in Early Modern London: The City and Its Double (review)

pp. 1439-1440

Couriers of the Gospel: England and Zurich, 1531–1558 (review)

pp. 1440-1442

Acts of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, 1609–1642 (review)

pp. 1442-1443

James VI and I: Ideas, Authority, and Government (review)

pp. 1443-1445

Letters of Sir Robert Moray to the Earl of Kincardine, 1657–1673 (review)

pp. 1445-1446

The Social Life of Money in the English Past (review)

pp. 1447-1448

The Culture of Commerce in England, 1660–1720 (review)

pp. 1448-1450

Working Women in English Society, 1300–1620 (review)

pp. 1450-1451

Heresy, Literature and Politics in Early Modern English Culture (review)

pp. 1451-1453

Textual Conversations in the Renaissance: Ethics, Authors, Technologies (review)

pp. 1453-1455

Forgetting in Early Modern English Literature: Lethe's Legacies (review)

pp. 1455-1457

Performing Early Modern Trauma from Shakespeare to Milton (review)

pp. 1457-1458

Tradition and Subversion in Renaissance Literature: Studies in Shakespeare, Spenser, Jonson, and Donne (review)

pp. 1458-1460

Shakespeare & Co.: Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Dekker, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middletown, John Fletcher and the Other Players in His Story (review)

pp. 1460-1461

The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare's Poetry (review)

pp. 1461-1463

Shakespeare, A Lover's Complaint, and John Davies of Hereford (review)

pp. 1463-1466

This Wide and Universal Theater: Shakespeare in Performance Then and Now (review)

pp. 1466-1467

Hamlet without Hamlet (review)

pp. 1467-1469

Protestantism and the Mourning of Contingency: Not to Be (review)

pp. 1469-1471

Shakespeare the Thinker (review)

pp. 1471-1473

Texts and Traditions: Religion in Shakespeare 1592–1604 (review)

pp. 1473-1474

The Third Citizen: Shakespeare's Theater and the Early Modern House of Commons (review)

pp. 1474-1476

Shakespearean Fantasy and Politics (review)

pp. 1476-1477

Word vs Image: Cognitive Hunger in Shakespeare's England (review)

pp. 1477-1479

Allegory, Space and the Material World in the Writings of Edmund Spenser (review)

pp. 1479-1481

Writing After Sidney: The Literary Response to Sir Philip Sidney, 1586–1640 (review)

pp. 1481-1482

Literature and the Politics of Family in Seventeenth-Century England (review)

pp. 1482-1484

Drama at the Courts of Henrietta Maria (review)

pp. 1484-1486

The Literary Career and Legacy of Elizabeth Cary, 1613–1680 (review)

pp. 1486-1487

The Worlds of Renaissance Melancholy: Robert Burton in Context (review)

pp. 1487-1489

John Donne (review)

pp. 1489-1490

Milton's Peculiar Grace: Self-Representation and Authority (review)

pp. 1490-1492

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pp. 1493-1525


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