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From: The Opera Quarterly

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Special Issue: Richard Wagner

Guest Editor: Brian Hyer and Ryan Minor

A Note from the Guest Editors

pp. 205-207

The Talking Wound and the Foolish Question: Symbolization in Parsifal

pp. 208-229

Hexatonic Poles and the Uncanny in Parsifal

pp. 230-248

Parsifal's Promise or Parsifal's Reality? On the Politics of Voice Exchange in Wagner's Grail Operas

pp. 249-268

Parsifal hystérique

pp. 269-320


An Introduction to Oskar Panizza's "Bayreuth and Homosexuality" (1895) "Checkmate," or, "A Heavenly Tragedy" and its Earthly Consequences

pp. 321-323

Bayreuth and Homosexuality: A Reflection

pp. 324-328

Homosexuality and the Manly Absolute: Hanns Fuchs on Richard Wagner

pp. 328-333

Parsifal and Eroticism in Wagner's Music [1903]

pp. 334-344

Notes from the Stage: Parsifal

Notes from the Stage: Parsifal : An Introduction

pp. 345-348

Parsifal : A Workshop Conversation with Ruth Berghaus, Michael Gielen, Klaus Zehelein, and Axel Manthey

pp. 349-360

Theater Becomes a Political Event: " Parsifal as a document from the year 1882"

pp. 360-362



A Companion to Wagner's "Parsifal" (review)

pp. 363-369

Hans Jürgen Syberberg and His Film of Wagner's "Parsifal" (review)

pp. 369-375


Parsifal (review)

pp. 375-380

Parsifal (review)

pp. 380-390

Books Received

Books Received

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Contributors to This Issue

pp. 392-393