restricted access   Volume 137, Number 2, Autumn 2007

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From: Transactions of the American Philological Association

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List of Abbreviations

pp. v-vi

I. Presidential Address 2007

Homer's Trojan Theater

pp. 233-252

II. Cluster on Literary and Material Culture in Hellenistic Greece

Editor's Note

pp. 253-254

Empire by Invitation: Greek Political Strategies and Roman Imperial Interventions in the Second Century B.C.E.

pp. 255-275

From Syracuse to Rome: The Travails of Silanion's Sappho

pp. 277-303

Meaning and Material Presence: Four Epigrams on Timomachus's Unfinished Medea

pp. 305-331

The Traveling Reader: Journeys through Ancient Epigram Books

pp. 333-369

III. Papers

How to End an Orally-Derived Epic Poem

pp. 371-402

Poetry and Prose: Xenophanes of Colophon

pp. 403-433

The Exemplary Lessons of Livy's Romulus

pp. 435-471

IV. Paragraphoi

The Thesaurus Linguae Latinae and Classical Scholarship in the 21st century: Five Perspectives

The Thesaurus Linguae Latinae and Classical Scholarship in the 21st Century: Five Perspectives: Introduction

pp. 473-476

1. Some Thoughts on Philology

pp. 477-481

2. Latin from A to P: The TLL in the 20th Century

pp. 483-490

3. Finishing the TLL in the Digital Age: Opportunities, Challenges, Risks

pp. 491-495

4. Revelations of Lexicography: The Daily Learning at the Thesaurus

pp. 497-501

5. The TLL and the Sustaining of Scholarship

pp. 503-507