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From: Latin American Research Review

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Editors' Foreword: Disciplinary Overview of Manuscript Submissions and Publications 2002-2006

pp. 3-14

Ethnogenesis or Neo Indigenous Intelligentsia: Contemporary Mapuche-Huilliche Poetry

pp. 15-42

Extraterritorial Political Rights and Dual Citizenship in Latin America

pp. 43-75

Attention Deficits: Why Politicians Ignore Defense Policy in Latin America

pp. 76-100

"Nada de Papeluchos!" Managing Globalization in Early Porfirian México

pp. 101-128

Covering the Earth: Mapping the Walkabout in Andean Pueblos de Indios

pp. 129-160

Research Reports and Notes

Researching Latin America: A Survey Of How The New Generation Is Doing Their Research

pp. 161-182

The "Graying" of Mexico and Its Impact on Female-Headed Households: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations

pp. 183-204

Review Essays

Fragmented Feminisms and Disillusion with Democracy: Social Movement Downswings, Inadequate Institutions, and Alliances under Construction in Latin America

pp. 205-221

Authoritarianism and Democracy in the Andes: State Weakness, Hybrid Regimes, and Societal Responses

pp. 222-234

The Political Economy of Market Reform: A Revival of Structuralism?

pp. 235-250

The Nature of Place: Recent Research on Environment and Society in Latin America

pp. 251-264

Babylon, Christianity, and Republicanism in New World Slave Societies

pp. 265-281

Culture, Power, and Identity: Negotiating between Catholic Orthodoxy and Popular Practice

pp. 282-296

The Uses of Literary History: Some Recent Titles

pp. 297-307

Index to Volume 42

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pp. 308-311


Notes on the Contributors

pp. 316-319