restricted access   Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2003

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From: Early American Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

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Letter from the Editor

pp. v-vi

The Fabricated Region: On the Insufficiency of "Colonies" for Understanding American Colonial History

pp. 1-27

The Pennsylvania Difference: Religious Diversity on the Delaware before 1683

pp. 28-60

"A Good Relationship, & Commerce": The Native Political Economy of the Arkansas River Valley

pp. 61-89

The Strangers' Store: Moral Capitalism in Moravian Bethlehem, 1753-1775

pp. 90-126

"Many Who Wandered in Darkness": The Contest over American National Identity, 1795-1798

pp. 127-175

In Defense of Civil Society: Irish Radicals in Philadelphia during the 1790s

pp. 176-197

"Tending to Edify, Astonish, and Instruct": Published Narratives of Spiritual Dreams and Visions in the Early Republic

pp. 198-229

Vox Populi : Spiritualism and George Washington's Postmortem Career

pp. 230-272

New Books, New Men: City-Mysteries Fiction, Authorship, and the Literary Market

pp. 273-312