restricted access   Volume 50, Number 4, Autumn 2007

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From: Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

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Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Diversity: Introduction

pp. 479-480

What Can the Samoan "Fa'afafine" Teach Us about the Western Concept of Gender Identity Disorder in Childhood?

pp. 481-490

Ethical Problems with the Mental Health Evaluation Standards of Care for Adult Gender Variant Prospective Patients

pp. 491-505

Becoming What We Love: autogynephilic transsexualism conceptualized as an expression of romantic love

p. 506

What Many Transgender Activists Don't Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway

pp. 521-534

Divergence or Disorder?: the politics of naming intersex

pp. 535-543

Modern-Day Eunuchs: motivations for and consequences of contemporary castration

pp. 544-556


Ethics and Philosophy

The New Israeli Law on the Care of the Terminally Ill: conceptual innovations waiting for implementation

pp. 557-571

Putting Concerns about Nature in Context: the case of agricultural biotechnology

pp. 572-584

History and Biography

Infant Mortality Decline in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries: the role of market milk

pp. 585-602

Culture and Society

The Role of Scientists in the Beginning-of-Life Debate: a 25-year retrospective

pp. 603-613

Essay Reviews

Complexity: Unruly and Otherwise

pp. 614-624

The Rest is Silence

pp. 625-628

Book Reviews

Jake, Leon O. Jacobson, M.D.: The Life and Work of a Distinguished Medical Scientist (review)

pp. 629-632

How Doctors Think: Clinical Judgment and the Practice of Medicine (review)

pp. 633-636

A Death Retold: Jesica Santillan, the Bungled Transplant, and Paradoxes of Medical Citizenship (review)

pp. 637-639

The First Miracle Drugs: How the Sulfa Drugs Transformed Medicine (review)

pp. 639-642


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