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From: Pedagogy

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Special Issue: Anglo-American Pedagogy

Guest Editor: Ben Knights and Nicole King

A Note from the Editors

pp. 321-322

Guest Editors' Introduction

pp. 323-333

A Note on the U.K. Context

pp. 335-339


The CAPITAL Centre: Teaching Shakespeare (and More) through a Collaboration between a University and an Arts Organization

pp. 341-358

Ecocriticism and Education for Sustainability

pp. 359-383

Reading beyond Words: Sound and Gesture in The Winter's Tale

pp. 385-400

Crossing Liminal Spaces: Teaching the Postcolonial Gothic

pp. 401-425

A Desk and a Pile of Books: Considering Independent Study

pp. 427-452

Explaining the Actions of Men and Gods: Elements of English Pedagogy

pp. 453-480

Some Notes on a Project: Democracy and Authority in the Production of a Discipline

pp. 481-500

From the Classroom

Creative Writing as a Site of Pedagogic Identity and Pedagogic Learning

pp. 501-512

In Virtuality Veritas

pp. 513-525

Technique and Technology: Electronic Voting Systems in an English Literature Lecture

pp. 526-533

Helicopters, Jigsaws, Plaits: Revealing the Hidden Language and Literature Curriculum

pp. 534-543

Toward Criteria for Creative Assessment in the English Honors Degree Program

pp. 544-555

Taking the Imaginative Leap: Creative Writing and Inquiry-Based Learning

pp. 556-566



pp. 567-571

Index to Volume 7

Index to Volume 7

pp. 573-576