restricted access   Volume 2, Number 4, Fall 2001 (New Series)

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From: Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History

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Really-Existing Revisionism?

pp. 707-711


Caught in the Crossfire? Russian Sectarians in the Caucasian Theater of War, 1853–56 and 1877–78

pp. 713-750

Jews, Pogroms, and the White Movement: A Historiographical Critique

pp. 1-23


The Political Mythology of Autocracy: Scenarios of Power and the Role of the Autocrat

pp. 773-795

Reply to Mikhail Dolbilov

pp. 797-801

Review Article

Experts and Peasants

pp. 803-822

Review Essays

From Shtetl to Society: Jews in 19th-Century Russia

pp. 823-824

Women’s Autobiographical Narratives: Soviet Presentations of Self

pp. 835-847


Renesansnyi humanizm v Ukraini: Idei humanizmu epokhy Vidrodzhennia v ukrains′kii filosofii XV–pochatku XVII stolittia (review)

pp. 849-852

Chitatel′ v Rossii vo vtoroi polovine XVIII veka (po spiskam podpischikov) (review)

pp. 853-861

Pisatel′ i samoubiistvo, and: Samoubiistvo kak kul′turnyi institut, and: Suicide as a Cultural Institution in Dostoevsky’s Russia (review)

pp. 862-869

Istorik i revoliutsiia: Sbornik statei k 70-letiiu so dnia rozhdeniia Olega Nikolaevicha Znamenskogo (review)

pp. 870-877

Le siècle des communismes (review)

pp. 878-883


Contributors to This Issue

pp. 885-886