restricted access   Volume 2, Number 3, Summer 2001 (New Series)

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From: Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History

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Special Issue: Negotiating Cultural Upheavals: Cultural Politics and Memory in 20th-Century Russia

Russophobia and the American Politics of Russian History

pp. 465-467


Making a Self for the Times: Impersonation and Imposture in 20th-Century Russia

pp. 469-487

Making Sense of Exile: Russian Literary Life in Paris as a Cultural Construct, 1920–40

pp. 489-512

In the Shades of Spain: Gor′kii’s Last Legacy to Hebrew Literature

pp. 513-528

Germanophone Intellectuals in Stalin’s Russia: Diaspora and Cultural Identity in the 1930s

pp. 529-551

Remembering the Avant-Garde: Moscow Architects and the “Rehabilitation” of Constructivism, 1961–64*

pp. 553-576

The Historical Turn in Late Soviet Culture: Retrospectivism, Factography, Doubt, 1953–91*

pp. 577-600


Cultural Memory in the Century of Upheaval: Big Pictures and Snapshots

pp. 601-613

Review Essays

What’s New in Russian Military History and Why You Should Care

pp. 615-634

Vladimir Dzhunkovskii: Witness for the Defense

pp. 635-654


Tamozhennye knigi Velikogo Novgoroda 1610–11 i 1613–14 godov, and: Tamozhennye knigi goroda Velikie Luki 1669–1676 gg, and: Tamozhennye knigi sibirskikh gorodov XVII veka (review)

pp. 655-663

Un paese sull′orlo delle riforme: La Russia zarista dal 1861 al 1904, and: Vlast′ i obshchestvo: Bor′ba v Rossii po voprosam vneshnei politiki, 1878–1894 gg (review)

pp. 664-674

Krasnaia smuta: Priroda i posledstviia revoliutsionnogo nasiliia (review)

pp. 675-679

Tragediia RKKA, 1937–1938 (review)

pp. 680-688

Sovetskaia tsenzura v epokhu total′nogo terrora, 1929-1953 (review)

pp. 689-696

In Memoriam

Hans-Joachim Torke, 1938–2000

pp. 697-703


Contributors to This Issue

pp. 704-705