restricted access   Volume 8, Number 4, Fall 2007

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From: Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History

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From the Editors: Premodern Lessons for Modern Historians

pp. 711-714


Commonalities of Modern Political Discourse: Three Paths of Modern Activism in Late Imperial Russia's Alternative Intelligentsia

pp. 715-747

Patterns of Violence: The Local Population and the Mass Murder of Jews in Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, July–August 1941

pp. 749-787

Informers and the State under Late Stalinism: Informant Networks and Crimes against "Socialist Property," 1940–53

pp. 789-815

Review Forum: Aleksandir Zimin and the Igor' Tale

The Long-Awaited Book and the Bykovskii Hypothesis

pp. 817-830

Historians and Textology

pp. 831-839

Review Article

Peopling the Empires: Practices, Perceptions, Policies

pp. 841-859

Review Essay

1905 and All That: The Revolution and Its Aftermath

pp. 861-876


Russischer Alltag: Eine Geschichte in neun Zeitbildern vom Frühmittelalter bis zur Gegewart, 3 vols. Vol. 1: Die Vormoderne, Vol. 2: Auf dem Weg in die Moderne, Vol. 3: Sowjetische Moderne und Umbruch (review)

pp. 877-886

Cartographies of Tsardom: The Land and Its Meanings in Seventeenth-Century Russia, and: Ocherki istorii rossiiskoi simvoliki: Ot tamgi do simvolov gosudarstvennogo suvereniteta (review)

pp. 887-896

The Philosophy Steamer: Lenin and the Exile of the Intelligentsia, and: Saratovskii tekst, and: Paul Nicolay of Monrepos: A European with a Difference (review)

pp. 897-903

Dvorianskaia pamiat´: "Byvshie" v sovetskom gorode: Leningrad, 1920e–1930e gody (review)

pp. 904-909

Anatomiia Karibskogo krizisa (review)

pp. 910-914

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Daniel Brower (1936–2007)

pp. 915-918


Contributors to This Issue

pp. 919-920