restricted access   Volume 13, Number 4, 2007

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From: GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

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Special Issue: Monique Wittig: At the Crossroads of Criticism

Guest Editor: Brad Epps and Jonathan Katz

Monique Wittig at the Crossroads of Criticism

pp. v-454

Thinking Wittig's Differences: "Or, Failing That, Invent"

pp. 455-466

"I Have Access to Your Glottis": The Fleshy Syntax, Ethical Irony, and Queer Intimacy of Monique Wittig's Le corps lesbien

pp. 467-487

From the Straight Mind to Queer Theory: Implications for Political Movement

pp. 489-503

Un-Remembering Monique Wittig

pp. 505-518

Wittig's Material Practice: Universalizing a Minority Point of View

pp. 519-533

Wittig in Aztlán

pp. 535-541

The Literary Workshop: An Excerpt

pp. 543-551

The Garden

pp. 553-561

Book Review

Religion Trouble

pp. 563-575

Books in Brief

A Day at the Spa

pp. 577-579

Severely Queer Theory

pp. 580-582

What's Queer about Tangier

pp. 583-585

Rethinking Rebellion in the 1950s

pp. 586-588

Getting it Twisted

pp. 589-591

Changing Transgender Politics

pp. 592-594

Gothic Sexualities

pp. 595-597

The Limit of Queer Theory

pp. 597-599

Monique Wittig and the Revolution of Pronouns

pp. 600-602



pp. 603-604


About the Contributors

pp. 605-608


Index to Volume 13

pp. 609-613