restricted access   Volume 5, Number 3, Summer 2002

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From: Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture

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pp. 4-11

Contributor Notes

pp. 229-231


The Just War Tradition and the World after September 11

pp. 13-44

Dante Between Hope and Despair: The Tradition of Lamentations in the Divine Comedy

pp. 45-76

Toward a Narrative of Truth and Freedom

pp. 77-110

Equality, Gender, and John Paul II

pp. 111-130

For the Defense and Beauty of the Catholic Faith: The Rise of Neo-scholasticism Among European Catholic Intellectuals, 1824-1879

pp. 131-146

Thomism and the Magisterium: From Aeterni Patris to Veritatis splendor

pp. 147-183

The Beauty of the Cross: The Theological Aesthetics of Hans Urs von Balthasar

pp. 185-206

From a LOGICAL point of view

Introduction to Excerpt from Letter to Artists

pp. 207-209

Letter to Artists Easter Sunday, 4 April 1999

pp. 210-212


The Church and Art

pp. 213-216

Why the Church Needs Art

pp. 216-220

Some Comments on John Paul II's Letter to Artists

pp. 221-224

Art and Vocation

pp. 224-228