restricted access   Volume 53, Number 3, July 2007

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From: Merrill-Palmer Quarterly

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Special Issue: Gender and Friendships

Guest Editor: Marion K. Underwood and Martha Putallaz

Consulting Editors

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Introduction to the Special Issue

Introduction to the Special Issue: Gender and Children's Friendships: Do Girls' and Boys' Friendships Constitute Different Peer Cultures, and What Are the Trade-Offs for Development?

pp. 319-324

Empirical Aricles

Ethnic Heterogeneity of Social Networks and Cross-Ethnic Friendships of Elementary School Boys and Girls

pp. 325-346

Same-Gender versus Cross-Gender Friendship Conceptions: Similar or Different?

pp. 347-380

Girl Talk: Gossip, Friendship, and Sociometric Status

pp. 381-411

Friendship Features and Social Exclusion: An Observational Study Examining Gender and Social Context

pp. 412-438

The Protective Role of Friendships in Overtly and Relationally Victimized Boys and Girls

pp. 439-460

Gender Differences in the Interpersonal Consequences of Early-Onset Depressive Symptoms

pp. 461-488


Structure, Content, and Socioemotional Correlates of Girls' and Boys' Friendships: Recent Advances and Future Directions

pp. 489-506

The Study of Sex, Gender, and Relationships with Peers: A Full or Empty Experience?

pp. 507-519


Girlfriends and Boyfriends Diverging in Middle Childhood and Coming Together in Romantic Relationships

pp. 520-526