restricted access   Volume 6, Number 2, 2007

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From: Journal of Latin American Geography

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Special Issue: Globalization, Linking Scales of Analysis

From the Editor

pp. 5-6

Globalization and Latin American Geography: Linking Scales of Analysis

pp. 7-10

Persistence of the U. S.-Mexico Border: Expansion of Medical-Tourism amid Trade Liberalization

pp. 11-32

Globalization of Food Retailing in Guadalajara, Mexico: Changes in Access Equity and Social Engagement

pp. 33-53

Globalization of Food Retailing and Transformation of Supply Networks: Consequences for Small-scale Agricultural Producers in Southeastern Mexico

pp. 55-75

Mexican Smallholders Adrift: The Urgent Need for a New Social Contract in Rural Mexico

pp. 77-98

Economic Globalization and Bolivia's Regional Divide

pp. 99-120

Beyond the Crisis: Economic globalization and informal work in urban Argentina

pp. 121-136


Resistance and Social Reform in Latin America: Speaking with João Pedro Stedile of Brazil's "O Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra" (the MST)

pp. 137-143

Book Reviews

Weathering Risk in Rural Mexico: Climatic, Institutional, and Economic Change (review)

pp. 145-146

La Cuenca de México y sus cambios demográfico-espaciales (review)

pp. 146-147

México. Tendencias recientes de la geografía industrial (review)

pp. 148-149

Havana: The Making of Cuban Culture (review)

pp. 149-151

Conservación o deterioro. El impacto de las políticas públicas en las instituciones comunitarias y en los usos de los bosques en México (review)

pp. 151-153

Return to the Center: Culture, Public Space, and City Building in a Global Era (review)

pp. 153-155

Environmental Planning in the Caribbean (review)

pp. 155-156

Transnational Civil Society: An Introduction (review)

pp. 157-158

El Clima del Suroeste Bonaerense, and: Clima Urbano de Bahía Blanca (review)

p. 159

Collective Action and Radicalism in Brazil: Women, Urban Housing, Rural Movements (review)

pp. 160-162