restricted access   Volume 80, Number 2, Spring 2007

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From: Anthropological Quarterly

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Special Issue: Kinship and Globalization

Guest Editor: Stephen C. Lubkemann

Global Kinship: Anthropology and the Politics of Knowing

pp. 313-323

International Biodiplomacy and Global Ethical Forms: Relations of Critique Between Public Anthropology and Science in Society

pp. 325-353

Bulgur Marriages and "Big" Women: Navigating Relatedness in Guinean Refugee Camps

pp. 355-378

Closeness in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Debating Kinship and Biomedicine in Lebanon and the Middle East

pp. 379-402

Constitutive Knowledge: Tracing Trajectories of Information in New Contexts of Relatedness

pp. 403-426

Marrying a Marilyn of the Tropics: Manhood and Nationhood in Filipina-Japanese Marriages

pp. 427-454

Country Brothers: Kinship and Chronotope in Brazilian Rural Public Culture

pp. 455-495

Our Adoptee, Our Alien: Transnational Adoptees as Specters of Foreignness and Family in South Korea

pp. 497-531

Sumptuary Kinship

pp. 533-559

Refiguring Kinship in the Space of Adoption

pp. 561-579

Book Reviews

After Kinship (review)

pp. 581-583

Cross-Border Marriages: Gender and Mobility in Transnational Asia (review)

pp. 585-588

Transnational Adoption: A Cultural Economy of Race, Gender, and Kinship (review)

pp. 589-596

Kinship and Family: An Anthropological Reader (review)

pp. 597-610

The Cultural Analysis of Kinship: The Legacy of David M. Schneider (review)

pp. 611-616

Nameless Relations: Anonymity, Melanesia and Reproductive Gift Exchange between British Ova Donors and Recipients (review)

pp. 617-621

Cultures of Transnational Adoption (review)

pp. 623-627

Migration and Economy: Global and Local Dynamics (review)

pp. 629-633

The Ethics of Kinship: Ethnographic Inquiries (review)

pp. 635-640