restricted access   Volume 37, Number 3, May-June 2007

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From: Hastings Center Report

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Field Notes

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From the Editor

Secrets and Open Societies

p. 2

Another Voice

Toward a General Theory of Research Ethics

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Just Deserts?

pp. 4-6

In Practice

You're Fired

pp. 7-8

At Law

The Curious Case of Off-Label Use

pp. 9-11


Whereto Transhumanism? The Literature Reaches a Critical Mass

pp. 12-17

Moving the Womb

pp. 18-20

A Suicide Right for the Mentally Ill? A Swiss Case Opens a New Debate

pp. 21-23

Facing Up to Paternalism in Research Ethics

pp. 24-34

A Tale of Two Studies: Ethics, Bioterrorism, and the Censorship of Science

pp. 35-43

Book Reviews

Rethinking "Normal"

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Physicians Should Not Always Pursue a Good "Clinical" Outcome

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