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From: Cultural Critique

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Special Issue: Culture of Finances

Guest Editor: Karyn Ball and Susanne Soederberg

Editorial Statement

p. v

Introduction: Cultures of Finance: When the Crisis, Which Was a Certainty, Becomes a Contingency

pp. 1-5

Death-Driven Futures, or You Can't Spell Deconstruction without Enron

pp. 6-42

Marx's Update of Cultural Theory

pp. 43-66

Uncertain Subjects of Anglo-American Financialization

pp. 67-91

Freedom, Ownership, and Social (In-)Security in the United States

pp. 92-114

Pricing Race, Circulating Anxieties, and the Fate of Malaya's Currency Reserves at Independence

pp. 115-139

Underground Money

pp. 140-163

Debt and Denunciation in Post-bubble Japan: On the Two Freeters

pp. 164-187

Escape Artists: Germany, Fortress Europe, and the Situationist Rescripting of Travel

pp. 188-215

Books Received

pp. 216-219


pp. 220-221