restricted access   Number 13, Spring 5767/2007

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From: Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues

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pp. 5-7

The Scholarly Life-The Laboring Wife: Gender, Torah, and the Family Economy in Rabbinic Culture

pp. 8-48

Jewish Women as Providers in the Generations Following the Expulsion from Spain

pp. 49-67

Joining the Faculty Club: Jewish Women Academics in the United States

pp. 68-101

Women in the Kibbutz: The "Mixed Blessing" of Neo-Liberalism

pp. 102-122

The Gendered Display of Work: The Midday Scene in an Ultra-Orthodox Street in Israel

pp. 123-154

Absent Fathers, Present Mothers: Images of Parenthood in Holocaust Survivor Narratives

pp. 155-182

"Dignity of the Congregation" as a Defense Mechanism: A Halakhic Ruling by Rabbi Joseph Messas

pp. 183-206

Gender Theory and Gendered Realities: An Exchange between Tamar Ross and Judith Plaskow

pp. 207-251

In Memoriam: Tikva Simone Frymer-Kensky, 1943-2006

pp. 252-261

Turning the Kaleidoscope: Perspectives on European Jewry (review)

pp. 262-264

Don't Wanna Be Nice Girls: The Struggle for Suffrage and the New Feminism in Israel (review)

pp. 265-269

Israeli Women's Studies: A Reader (review)

pp. 270-271

The Women's Camp in Moringen: A Memoir of Imprisonment in Germany, 1936–1937 (review)

pp. 272-275

Trust and Deceit: A Tale of Survival in Slovakia and Hungary, 1939–1945 (review)

pp. 276-278

Midrashic Women: Formations of the Feminine in Rabbinic Literature (review)

pp. 279-282

Contributors to This Issue

pp. 284-286