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From: History Workshop Journal

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pp. i-ii

Articles and Essays

Rogues, Conycatching and the Scribbling Crew

pp. 1-17

A Transatlantic Commodity: Irish Salt Beef in the French Atlantic World

pp. 18-47

Thomas Muir and The Telegraph : Radical Cosmopolitanism in 1790s Scotland

pp. 48-69

Jews and the British Empire c.1900

pp. 70-89

C. L. R. James in Nevada

pp. 90-112

Scientific Dissent amid the United Kingdom Government's Nuclear Weapons Programme

pp. 113-135

Histories of Sexuality and Imperialism: What's the Use?

pp. 136-153

Historicizing the Global, Politicizing Capital: Giving the Present a Name

pp. 154-188

Periodization: Then and Now


pp. 189-191

The Dark Ages

pp. 191-201

Periods, Structures and Regimes in Early Modern Demographic History

pp. 202-218

Periodizing Globalization

pp. 218-230

Contemporary History: Reflections from Britain and Germany

pp. 230-238

History at Large

A French Ellis Island? Museums, Memory and History in France and the United States

pp. 239-253

'Heroism in Everyday Life': the Watts Memorial for Heroic Self Sacrifice

pp. 254-278

Historic Passion

An Experimental Life

pp. 279-287

Historians in the Streets

Life in the Ruins of Detroit

pp. 288-302


The New Middle Ages?

pp. 303-311

Women Alone

pp. 312-319

Imperial Pieties

pp. 319-328

Shocked and Forgotten

pp. 328-335

The Rise and Fall of the American 'Soft' Empire

pp. 335-342

Red Warriors

pp. 343-353


pp. 353-359


pp. 359-367

Report Back

The Life and Work of Menna Gallie

pp. 369-371

Relief and Rehabilitation in the Immediate Aftermath of War

pp. 371-374


Rajnarayan Chandavarkar (1953–2006)

pp. 375-380