restricted access   Volume 44, Number 2, May 2007

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From: Demography

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Using Age and Spatial Flow Structures in the Indirect Estimation of Migration Streams

pp. 199-223

Immigration and Living Arrangements: Moving Beyond Economic Need Versus Acculturation

pp. 225-249

The Demography of Disability and the Effects of Immigrant History: Older Asians in the United States

pp. 251-263

Elderly Parent Health and the Migration Decisions of Adult Children: Evidence From Rural China

pp. 265-288

Education of Adult Children and Mortality of Their Elderly Parents in Taiwan

pp. 289-304

The Effects of Maternal Employment on Child Injuries and Infectious Disease

pp. 307-333

As Low Birth Weight Babies Grow, Can Well-Educated Parents Buffer This Adverse Factor? A Research Note

pp. 335-343

Child Care Availability and First-Birth Timing in Norway

pp. 345-372

Social Multipliers in Sexual Initiation Decisions Among U.S. High School Students

pp. 373-388

Race, Military Service, and Marital Timing: Evidence From the NLSY-79

pp. 389-404

The Phoenix Population: Demographic Crisis and Rebound in Cambodia

pp. 405-426

Strength of Attachment: Survey Coverage of People With Tenuous Ties to Residences

pp. 427-440