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From: Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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A Community of Violence: The SiPo/SD and Its Role in the Nazi Terror System in Generalbezirk Kiew

pp. 1-30

Refugees and Indifference: The Effects of Shortages on Attitudes towards Jews in France's Limousin Region During World War II

pp. 31-54

Otmar von Verschuer and the "Scientific" Legitimization of Nazi Anti-Jewish Policy

pp. 55-72

The Children's Voice: Postwar Collection of Testimonies from Child Survivors of the Holocaust

pp. 73-95

Research Note

Nazi Germany and the Mountain Jews: Was There a Policy?

pp. 96-114

Book Reviews

Jews in Post-Holocaust Germany, 1945-1953 (review)

pp. 115-117

The Jews Are Coming Back: The Return of the Jews to their Countries of Origin after WW II (review)

pp. 117-119

A Jewish Family in Germany Today: An Intimate Portrait (review)

pp. 119-121

Beyond Justice: The Auschwitz Trial (review)

pp. 121-124

Law after Auschwitz: Towards a Jurisprudence of the Holocaust (review)

pp. 124-126

The War in the Empty Air: Victims, Perpetrators, and Postwar Germans (review)

pp. 126-129

Music in the Holocaust: Confronting Life in the Nazi Ghettos and Camps (review)

pp. 129-132

We Wept Without Tears: Testimonies of the Jewish Sonderkommando from Auschwitz (review)

pp. 132-135

Jewish Life in Cracow, 1918-1939, and: After the Holocaust: Polish-Jewish Conflict in the Wake of World War II, and: Between Nazis and Soviets: Occupation Politics in Poland, 1939-1947, and: The Neighbors Respond: The Controversy over the Jedwabne Massacre in Poland, and: Antisemitism and Its Opponents in Modern Poland (review)

pp. 135-146

The Jews of Bohemia and Moravia: Facing the Holocaust (review)

pp. 146-148

The Choice of the Jews under Vichy: Between Submission and Resistance (review)

pp. 148-151

The Ethics of Mourning: Grief and Responsibility in Elegiac Literature (review)

pp. 151-153

Strangers in the Land: Blacks, Jews, Post-Holocaust America (review)

pp. 153-156

The Dark Side of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing (review)

pp. 156-158

Genocide and Settler Society: Frontier Violence and Stolen Indigenous Children in Australian History (review)

pp. 158-161

Recently Published Works

Recently Published Works in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

pp. 162-184


Biographies of Contributors

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