restricted access   Volume 35, Number 2, April 2002

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From: Leonardo

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Color Plate Section

pp. 171-172

Materials Received

pp. 222-223

Introducing the LDR Panelists

p. 223


Human Consciousness and the Postdigital Analogue

pp. 119-120

Artist's Article

Mnemonic Notations: A Decade of Art Practice within a Digital Environment

pp. 121-127

Artists' Statements

The Library

pp. 128-129

The Cosmophone: Toward a Sensuous Insight into Hidden Reality

p. 129

Fugitive and Archival: The Disappearing Print and the Drawing Left Behind

pp. 129-130

General Articles

The Ecological Imperative: Elements of Nature in Late Twentieth-Century Art

pp. 131-136

Genetic Art and the Aesthetics of Biology

pp. 137-144

Special Section:
A-Life in Art, Design, Edutainment, Games and Research

Relazioni Emergenti: Experiments with the Art of Emergence

pp. 147-152

Synthetic Harmonies: An Approach to Musical Semiosis by Means of Cellular Automata

pp. 153-159

Modeling the Emergence of Complexity: Complex Systems, the Origin of Life and Interactive On-Line Art

pp. 161-169

Special Section:
Genetic Algorithms in Visual Art and Music

Introduction: Genetic Algorithms in Visual Art and Music

pp. 175-184

Ar T bitration: Human-Machine Interaction in Artistic Domains

pp. 185-188

SBART 2.4: An IEC Tool for Creating Two-Dimensional Images, Movies and Collages

pp. 189-191

Evolutionary Cooperative Design Methodology: The Genetic Sculpture Park

pp. 193-196

Theoretical Perspective on the Arts, Sciences and Technology

Entropy and Stability in Painting: An Information Approach to the Mechanisms of Artistic Creativity

pp. 197-202

Technical Article

The Construction of Jackson Pollock's Fractal Drip Paintings

pp. 203-207


Was El Greco Astigmatic?

p. 208

Leonardo Reviews


Harry Partch: An Anthology of Critical Perspectives (review)

pp. 209-210

N (review)

pp. 210-211


Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture (review)

pp. 211-212

Visualizations: The Nature Book of Art and Science (review)

p. 212

Ptolemy's Geography: An Annotated Translation of the Theoretical Chapters (review)

pp. 212-213

I Levitate: What's Next (review)

pp. 213-214

How to Build a Mind: Toward Machines with Imagination (review)

p. 214

How to Build a Mind: Toward Machines with Imagination (review)

pp. 214-216

Art, Technology, Consciousness: Mind@Large (review)

pp. 216-217

Spacefaring: The Human Dimension (review)

p. 217

Compact Discs

Winded: Works for Organ and Tape By, Of and For Kenneth Gaburo (review)

pp. 217-218

Playtime, and: Barcode Music (review)

p. 218

8 Pieces, and: Happily Ever After (review)

p. 219

Locus Solus--Site, Identity, Technology and Contemporary Art (review)

pp. 219-220


Ars Electronica 2001 (review)

pp. 220-221

Prometheus-2000: International Conference on the Destiny of Light-Music at the Threshold of the New Century (review)

p. 221


Light, Darkness, and Colors (review)

pp. 221-222


The Role of Artists and Scientists in Times of War

pp. 228-230