Volume 47, Number 1, May 2007

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From: Southeastern Geographer

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Special Issue: Political Geography of the South

Guest Editor: Gerald R. Webster

Research on the Political Geography of the South, 1980-2005

pp. 1-12

The Civil Rights Movement and Recent Electoral Realignment in the South

pp. 13-26

Race, the Creative Class, and Political Geographies of Same Sex Marriage in Georgia

pp. 27-54

Georgia v. Ashcroft, the Voting Rights Act and Narratives of Change and Continuity in the American South

pp. 55-70

The Influence of State Annexation Laws on the Growth of Selected Southern Cities

pp. 71-85

Forum on Social Justice in the South

Forum on Social Justice in the South: Introduction

pp. 86-91

The Deep Historical Roots of White Southern Cultures of Justice

pp. 92-96

Social Justice and Neoliberal Discourse

pp. 97-100

Thinking through the Concept of Social Justice: Preliminary Observations for Auburn Avenue

pp. 101-103

Perspectives of Social Justice in the American South: The Gay and Lesbian Movement

pp. 104-106

Social Justice and Voting Rights in the South

pp. 107-110

Environmental Justice, Citizen Participation and Hurricane Katrina

pp. 111-113

Latino Settlement, Service Provision and Social Justice in Charlotte, North Carolina

pp. 114-117

Research Articles

Greenways and Greenbacks: The Impact of the Catawba Regional Trail on Property Values in Charlotte, North Carolina

pp. 118-137

The Geography of Grist, Flour, and Saw Mills: Indicators of Land-Use History in Virginia

pp. 138-154

Geographic Changes in the Metropolitan Corporate South, 1995-2003

pp. 155-169


Report of the Honors Committee, 2006

pp. 170-173