restricted access   Volume 38, Number 2, Summer 2007

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From: Research in African Literatures

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Editor's Comments

pp. v-vi

Yvonne Vera

Introduction: Yvonne Vera's Fictions and the Voice of the Possible

pp. 1-8

Colonial Fictions: Memory and History in Yvonne Vera's Imagination

pp. 9-21

Yvonne Vera's Bulawayo: Modernity, (Im)mobility, Music, and Memory

pp. 22-35

Reading Girlhood under the Tongue

pp. 36-48

Embodying Experience and Agency in Yvonne Vera's Without a Name and Butterfly Burning

pp. 49-63

Reading The Stone Virgins as Vera's Study of the Katabolism of War

pp. 64-76

Ahmadou Kourouma

Introduction to Dossier Kourouma

pp. 77-80

The Adventures of the Epic and Novel in Ahmadou Kourouma's Writings

pp. 81-94

Kourouma, the Myth: The Rhetoric of the Commonplace in Kourouma Criticism

pp. 95-108

Discourse in Kourouma's Novels: Writing Two Languages to Translate Two Realities

pp. 109-123

A Fictive History of Côte d'Ivoire: Kourouma and "Fouphouai"

pp. 124-139

Psychoanalysis and African Lterature

The "Crisis of the Soul": Psychoanalysis and African Literature

pp. 140-142

Banished from Oedipus? Buchi Emecheta's and Assia Djebar's Gendered Language of Resistance

pp. 143-160

Reading the Figure of Woman in African Literature: Psychoanalysis, Difference, and Desire

pp. 161-180

Oedipus, Ogbanje, and the Sons of Independence

pp. 181-205


Shifting Fields: Imagining Literary Renewal in Itinerário and Drum

pp. 206-226

Performance Review

Panafest 2005: Review of ben Abdallah's The Slaves Revisited

pp. 227-232