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  Volume 83, Number 1, March 2007

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p. 1 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0009

Letters to Language

pp. 2-4 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0028

The Editor's Department: Paying Tribute

pp. 5-7 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0022

Canonical Typology, Suppletion, and Possible Words

pp. 8-42 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0006

Free Prefix Ordering in Chintang

pp. 43-73 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0002

Evolutionary Game Theory and Typology: A Case Study

pp. 74-109 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0020

Locality, Cyclicity, and Resumption: At the Interface between the Grammar and the Human Sentence Processor

pp. 110-160 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0001

Articulatory Features for Describing Lexical Distinctions

pp. 161-180 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0026


Peter Ladefoged

pp. 181-188 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0030


Speech Acoustics and Phonetics: Selected Writings (review)

pp. 189-191 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0027

Phonetic Data Analysis: An Introduction to Fieldwork and Instrumental Techniques (review)

pp. 191-194 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0021

Vowels and Consonants: An Introduction to the Sounds of Language (review)

pp. 194-196 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0015

Morphological Structure in Language Processing (review)

pp. 196-199 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0035

An Introduction to African Languages (review)

pp. 199-202 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0032

The Handbook of Applied Linguistics (review)

pp. 202-204 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0040

Up and Down the Cline: The Nature of Grammaticalization (review)

pp. 204-208 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0011

The Syntax of Time (review)

pp. 208-211 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0023

The Navajo Sound System (review)

pp. 211-214 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0010

Book Notices

Advances in Corpus Linguistics: Papers from the 23rd International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora (ICAME 23) (review)

p. 215 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0029

New Media Language (review)

pp. 215-216 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0003

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2002: Selected Papers from 'Going Romance', Groningen, 28–30 November 2002 (review)

pp. 216-217 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0041

Indo-European Word Formation: Proceedings of the Conference Held at the University of Copenhagen, October 20-22, 2000 (review)

p. 217 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0005

Narratives We Organize By (review)

p. 218 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0038

Essays on Actions and Events, and: Subjective, Intersubjective, Objective (review)

pp. 218-219 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0017

A Grammatical Outline of Gùrdùŋ / Gùrùntùm (review)

pp. 219-220 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0045

Relevant Linguistics: An Introduction to the Structure and Use of English for Teachers (review)

p. 220 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0044

Travellers and Their Language (review)

pp. 220-221 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0037

Essays in the History of Linguistics (review)

p. 221 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0033

Mélanges David Cohen: Études sur le langage, les langues, les dialectes, les littératures, offertes par ses élèves, ses collègues, ses amis; présentés à l'occasion de son quatre-vingtième anniversaire (review)

pp. 221-222 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0007

Discourse and Technology: Multimodal Discourse Analysis (review)

pp. 222-223 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0050

A Short Grammar of Hieroglyphic Luwian (review)

p. 223 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0025

Language in South Africa (review)

pp. 223-224 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0024

A Grammatical Sketch of Herero (Otjiherero) (review)

pp. 224-225 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0046

Iraqw-English Dictionary (review)

p. 225 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0047

A Grammar of Chingoni (review)

p. 226 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0048

The Origin of Agent Markers (review)

pp. 226-227 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0019

The Spatio-Temporal Setting in Written Narrative Fiction: A Study of Interaction between Words, Text and Encyclopedic Knowledge in the Creation of Textual Meaning (review)

p. 227 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0014

The Extent of the Literal: Metaphor, Polysemy and Theories of Concepts (review)

pp. 227-228 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0039

Antología conmemorativa: Nueva Revista de Filología Hispánica. Cincuenta tomos. Vol. 1 (review)

pp. 228-229 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0042

Antología conmemorativa: Nueva Revista de Filología Hispánica. Cincuenta tomos. Vol. 2 (review)

p. 229 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0043

Departing from Frege: Essays in the Philosophy of Language (review)

pp. 229-230 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0018

Postvelar Harmony (review)

pp. 230-231 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0031

Nonfictional Romantic Prose: Expanding Borders (review)

pp. 231-232 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0013

A Grammar of Lavukaleve (review)

p. 232 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0004

Regularity in Semantic Change (review)

pp. 232-233 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0034

Language: A Linguistic Introduction to History (review)

pp. 233-234 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0016

Getting Things Done at Work: The Discourse of Power in Workplace Interaction (review)

p. 234 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0012

Papers of the Thirty-Fourth Algonquian Conference (review)

pp. 234-235 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0051

Topics in Chadic Linguistics: Papers from the 1st Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Language Family (Leipzig, July 5-8, 2001) (review)

pp. 235-236 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0049

Missionary Linguistics / Lingüística misionera: Selected Papers from the First International Conference on Missionary Linguistics, Oslo, 13-16 March 2003 (review)

p. 236 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0008

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

pp. 237-240 | DOI: 10.1353/lan.2007.0036

Research Areas


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