restricted access   Volume 42, Number 1, 2007

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From: Latin American Research Review

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Journeying Through Jim Crow: Spanish American Travelers in the United States during the Age of Segregation

pp. 3-28

Global Communities and Hybrid Cultures: Early Gay and Lesbian Electoral Activism in Brazil and Mexico

pp. 29-51

Usos y Costumbres and Postelectoral Conflicts in Oaxaca, Mexico, 1995-2004: An Empirical and Normative Assessment

pp. 52-77

Partisanship during the Collapse of Venezuela's Party

pp. 78-98

Disunity in Diversity: Party System Fragmentation and the Dynamic Effect of Ethnic Heterogeneity on Latin American Legislatures

pp. 99-125

Research Reports and Notes

Promoting and Preventing Political Change Through Internationally Funded NGO Activity

pp. 126-138

Review Essays

Beyond Invisibility: Afro-Argentines in Their Nation's Culture and Memory

pp. 139-156

Crimes, Frontiers, and Stories of Extermination: Violence in Argentine Literature

pp. 157-166

The Politics of Impunity: The Cold War, State Terror, Trauma, Trials and Reparations in Argentina and Chile

pp. 167-185

Poverty, Inequality, Policy and Politics in Latin America

pp. 186-195

Imagining a Continent: Recent Research on Latin American Theater and the Performing Arts

pp. 196-214

Evolving Transnational Migration Systems: Linking the Americas "from Below"

pp. 215-223

The Meanings and Experience of Violent Deaths in Twentieth-Century Latin America

pp. 224-237

Multiculturalism, Identity, and the Articulation of Citizenship: The "Indian Question" Now

pp. 238-251

Notes on Contributors

Notes on the Contributors

pp. 255-258