restricted access   Volume 26, Number 1&2, Winter/Spring 2006

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Special Issue: Literary Mappings of the Jewish City

Literary Mappings of the Jewish City: Other Languages, Other Terrains

pp. 1-5

Paris or Jerusalem? The Multilingualism of Esther Raab

pp. 6-28

Zwischenzeit and Zwischenort : Veza Canetti, Else Feldmann, and Jewish Writing in Interwar Vienna

pp. 29-52

The Old and the New Together: David Bergelson's and Israel Joshua Singer's Portraits of Moscow Circa 1926–27

pp. 53-78

Urbanization, Capitalism, and Cosmopolitanism: Four Novels and a Film on Jews in the Polish City of Łódź

pp. 79-106

The Shtetl by the Highway: The East European City in New York's Landsmanshaft Press, 1921–39

pp. 107-137

Sensing the City: Representations of Cairo's Ḥarat al-Yahud

pp. 138-162

Self and the City: Literary Representations of Jewish Baghdad

pp. 163-211

Yehuda Amichai's Exilic Jerusalem

pp. 212-239

A Godless City: Shabtai's Tel Aviv and the Secular Zionist Project

pp. 240-281


Out of the Anthill: The Jewish Autobiographer and the Critics

pp. 282-294

Beyond the Hand of Moses: Discourse and Interpretive Authority

pp. 294-301