restricted access   Volume 7, Number 1, 2006

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From: Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism

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Editor's Introduction

pp. v-vii

Critical Edges

"Cruel Enough to Stop the Blood": Global Feminisms and the U.S. Body Politic, Or: "They Done Taken My Blues and Gone"

pp. 1-18

The Nonperformativity of Antiracism

pp. 104-126


Performing the "Generic Latina": A Conversation with Teatro Luna

pp. 19-37

Caring for Another Woman

pp. 69-72


Size Matters: Figuring Gender in the (Black) Jamaican Nation

pp. 38-68

"A Shared Queerness": Colonialism, Transnationalism, and Sexuality in Shani Mootoo's Cereus Blooms at Night

pp. 73-103

Gender, Sovereignty, and the Discourse of Rights in Native Women's Activism

pp. 127-161

From Trigueñita to Afro–Puerto Rican: Intersections of the Racialized, Gendered, and Sexualized Body in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Mainland

pp. 162-182


Inquisitor and Insurgent: Black Woman with Pencil, Sharpened

pp. 214-221

In the Trenches

The Tsunami's Windfall: Women and Aid Distribution

pp. 183-190

From the Archives

Excerpts from the Voices of Feminism Oral History Project Interview with Linda Chavez-Thompson

pp. 191-213


About the Contributors

pp. 222-224