restricted access   Volume 61, Number 2, April 2007

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From: Pacific Science

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Conservation Status of the Endemic Bees of Hawai'i, Hylaeus (Nesoprosopis) (Hymenoptera: Colletidae)

pp. 173-190

Reproductive Biology of the Brown Tree Snake, Boiga irregularis (Reptilia: Colubridae), during Colonization of Guam and Comparison with That in Their Native Range

pp. 191-199

Consistent Frequency of Color Morphs in the Sea Star Pisaster ochraceus (Echinodermata: Asteriidae) across Open-Coast Habitats in the Northeastern Pacific

pp. 201-210

Interspecific Spawning between a Recent Immigrant and an Endemic Damselfish (Pisces: Pomacentridae) in the Hawaiian Islands

pp. 211-221

Genetic Population Structure of the Hawaiian Alien Invasive Seaweed Acanthophora spicifera (Rhodophyta) as Revealed by DNA Sequencing and ISSR Analyses

pp. 223-233

Modeling Streamflows and Flood Delineation of the 2004 Flood Disaster, Mānoa, O'ahu, Hawai'i

pp. 235-255

Endemic Land Snail Fauna (Mollusca) on a Remote Peninsula in the Ogasawara Archipelago, Northwestern Pacific

pp. 257-265

Odonata of Yap, Western Caroline Islands, Micronesia

pp. 267-277

A New Species of Cophixalus (Anura: Microhylidae) from Misima Island, Papua New Guinea

pp. 279-287

First Record of Vegetative Cells of Pyrodinium bahamense (Gonyalucales: Goniodomataceae) in the Gulf of California

pp. 289-293

Metopograpsus oceanicus (Crustacea: Brachyura) in Hawai'i and Guam: Another Recent Invasive?

pp. 295-300

Association Affairs

pp. 301-305