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Noises Off: Sound Beyond Music

pp. 7-8


Interactive Sonification: Aesthetics, Functionality and Performance

pp. 9-12

Listening to the Mind Listening: An Analysis of Sonification Reviews, Designs and Correspondences

pp. 13-19

space-dis-place: How Sound and Interactivity Can Reconfigure Our Apprehension of Space

pp. 20-27

Notes on A Record of Fear: On the Threshold of the Audible

pp. 28-33

Acoustic, Electric and Virtual Noise: The Cultural Identity of the Guitar

pp. 35-39

Artists' Statements

Spatio-Aural Terrains

pp. 40-42

Toward a Post-Phenomenology of Extra-Musical Sound as Compositional Determinant

p. 42

sLowlife: Sonification of Plant Study Data

pp. 42-44

Heat and the Heartbeat of the City: Sonifying Data Describing Climate Change

pp. 44-45

Special Section: Sound and the Social Organization of Space

Guest Edited by Tara Rodgers

Special Section Introduction: Sound and the Social Organization of Space

pp. 49-50

Sonification/Listening Up

pp. 51-52

Anatomy of an Amalgamation

p. 53

Sound Library: A Motion Picture Event

pp. 54-55

Recording Carceral Landscapes

pp. 56-57


pp. 58-59

Special Section: UNYAZI

Guest Edited by Jürgen Bräuninger

Special Section Introduction: UNYAZI

pp. 62-63

UNYAZI Special Section

pp. 64-65

LMJ16 CD Companion
Interpreting the Soundscape

Tracklist and Credits

p. 68

CD Companion Introduction: Interpreting the Soundscape

pp. 69-70

CD Contributors' Notes

Interpreting the Soundscape Contributors' Notes

pp. 71-76


2006 Author Index Leonardo Volume 39 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 16

pp. 77-81

2006 LEA Author Index Leonardo Electronic Almanac Volume 14 ( January-July 2006)

pp. 82-84

Leonardo Network News

Leonardo Network News

p. 85