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From: The Henry James Review

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Special Issue: Tracing Henry James

Tracing James: Introduction

p. 191

Henry James for Venice

pp. 192-201

The It in the I: Patrice Leconte, Henry James, and Analytic Love

pp. 202-214

The Wings of the Dove : Tracing the Phantom of the Palace

pp. 215-227

Henry James and the United States

pp. 228-236

Henry James and "the forces of violence": On the Track of "big game" in "The Jolly Corner"

pp. 237-247

Subjunctive Biography

pp. 248-255

Tangible Objects: Grasping "The Aspern Papers"

pp. 256-263

O O O O that Ja-hame-sian Rag / It's so elegant / So intelligent: Tracing Appropriations of the Master's Aura in Modernist Critical Discourse

pp. 264-274

"The Beldonald Holbein": The Artist's Power and Its Dangers as Narrative Center

pp. 275-284

Creating Scholarly Community: A Thirty-Year View of the HJR and the Henry James Society

pp. 285-292


Index to Volume 27

pp. 295-296